Safety First

Safety First!

If the students don't feel safe, they cannot learn. If staff members don’t feel safe, they cannot teach.
Lower Class Sizes

Lower Class Sizes

With fewer students in a class, every student will receive the attention he/she deserves.


I will be accessible to families, community members, and staff.
Guard Your Tax Dollars

Guard your tax dollars

We cannot waste a single dollar your taxes provide.

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Joe Brady
Victor Valley College Board
Marcy Kittinger
Hesperia School Board
Joyce Chamberlain
Victor Valley Elementary School District
Jack Hamilton
Hesperia Recreation and Park District
Jeremiah Brosowsky
Hesperia City Council Member
Paul Russ
Hesperia City Council
Rebekah Swanson
Hesperia City Council
Mark Dundon
Candidate Hesperia School Board