Eric Swanson

Governing Board Member, Hesperia Unified School District

As your board member, I believe students’ needs must always come first. I have kept that priority #1 in every decision I have made. Our students need to be able to communicate, collaborate, as well as use critical and creative thinking. Now, with improved funding, Hesperia can be one of the best districts in California!

My Priorities

1. Safety first!
If the students don't feel safe, they cannot learn. If staff members don’t feel safe, they cannot teach.
2. Lower class sizes
With fewer students in a class, every student will receive the attention he/she deserves.
3. Listen!
I will be accessible to parents, community members, and staff.
4. Guard your tax dollars
We cannot waste a single dollar your taxes provide.

My family has proudly called Hesperia our home for 33 years, and I am absolutely committed to enhancing student opportunities through improved schools. I will work to ensure parent and community involvement in our schools and an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation among board members. I know our District is good, but we can be great!

Contact me at (760) 617-1143,,
or through
Facebook at Eric Swanson Hesperia School Board.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 8th.